Repair Services

We offer repair services in our IT-shop at Ratna Square

Welcome to our repair shop at Ratna Square Nyali, we fix your IT equipment! Come by our shop with your broken device and get advise on the spot. CAN WE FIX-IT? YES WE CAN!



Refurbishment formulas

We guarantee your safety doing a proper data wipe, following NIST standarts meeting the highest global security level. No software will be installed afterwards but we’ll foresee you with a detailed report on your device.

On top of the basic package, your device will be going through a full service!

The most complete package, offering all of the above including a windows operating system installation.

We are able to retrieve your valuable data.

Other Services

The cost of the following services is excluding the parts, the price of the parts is given upon request and availability. Our services are not limited to what we offer on this flyer, please inquire directly with our technician for more information.

Laptop screen replacement - 1500 KES

Laptop battery replacement - 1000 KES

Ram memory upgrade - 1000 KES

Hard drive upgrade - 1000 KES

Overheating repair - 1000 KES

Motherboard repair or re-placement - 5000 KES

Laptop keyboard or touchpad replacement - 1200 KES

Laptop powerjack repair - 1500 KES

Laptop speakers replacement - 1200 KES

Laptop webcam repair - 1500 KES

Laptop hinges repair - 3000 KES


For any inquiries please contact us or visit us

Phone: 0115 593 380