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The Circular Economy HUB

Our state of art IT asset disposition facility in Jomvu

IT asset disposition, or ITAD is the process of how and where to dispose or re-manufacture IT-hardware. The Circular Economy HUB is the first fully automated ICT Assembly and manufacturing plant at the Kenyan coast. Here we assemble computer components, mobile devices, spare parts, and other tech devices into affordable ‘made in Kenya’ nearly new computer devices. 

The process

After the devices arrive in the harbor, we take them to the Circular Economy HUB. The process starts by unpacking the container. We “check in” all the devices. By checking in we check the state of the devices, the specifications and register them in our stock system. After this they go through different kind of processes. We call the processes: teardown, monitor, mobility, and data wipe.
At the teardown all broken devices, are processed. These are devices that cannot be re-manufactured. We take them a-part and we dispose the e-waste safely.
At monitor, we process and test all screens.
At the mobility part we process mobile tablets and mobile phones. Behind this we have the data wipe area in this area we “data wipe” the devices. Data wiping is key in our process. Data wiping means overwriting the data on a particular hard drive to such an extent that the original data is unreadable. The benefit of data wiping, aside from protecting company data, is that you can completely reuse the original hard drive. We use a special program called Blanco to do this.
After the data wipe process the devices are ready, we validate them in the system and pack and store them waiting for a new destination. After we found a new destination for the devices, we install them with the needed software. Then we pack the devices, and they will be picked up or delivered to start a new valuable life.

Introduction to the Collection Process

  • Collection: The first step in our process is to collect the used IT assets from your company. If necessary, we provide packaging material in advance, so that together we can ensure that the IT material leaves and arrives at our premises in the same condition.
  • Registration: In the second step of our process, we make sure to register/check in every device that arrives at our ITAD facility. This allows us to track the device at any time, but it also gives us the opportunity to countercheck with us against your records.
  • Process: Because we want to guarantee your information safety, all data is completely erased following the NIST standards. We use a worldwide known software called Blancco which meets the highest security standards.
  • Repair and quality check: After the data wipe, our experts try to detect any possible defects. These defects are repaired if possible. This way, we can guarantee that your IT devices will have a successful second life.
  • Remarket and recycle: Once the whole process has been completed, the device will be recycled or remarketed.

When we get a positive response on potential equipment to collect, we usually ask the client to fill out a ”hardware collection form” we use to plan collections

Why Choose Us

By choosing us we make environmental & societal impact together

We live in a digital world where electronic devices are entwined in the places where we live, play and work. But….Do we all have equal access to IT? Do you know what happens to your used devices?Are you aware of the sustainable impact of your electronic devices?

Together we can make a difference!

We can make IT-devices digital knowledge accessible to everyone.

Reduce e-waste and dispose it in safe way with zero landfill impact. 

Refurbishing a device can expand its lifecycle up to 6 years. This means less e-waste and less production of new devices, which reduces the societal & environmental impact of CO2 emission, production chemicals and conflict minerals. 


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